City of the Giants

Sleep in the zombie lair

We started our attack on the tower where the zombies are being created. We enter through the basement and had a fight against some failed experiments. We won, but it was rough on us. We ended up spending some time resting to recover. I am not sure if I had a vision or just dreamed, but I feel that my path as a paladin has been approved by the gods.

I was laying wrapped in my blanket. It seemed to grow dark and the others in our party faded into the background. Suddenly, standing over me were 3 figures. All in plate and with weapons at their side. One stepped forward, and I saw that it was a woman who’s plate armor was stained the green of summer leaves, and decorated in gems. She wore no helmet, so that her dark brown hair curled and tumbled over her shoulders. A gold chain circled her head, with the white gem centered on her forehead. She looked down at me, and her green eyes seemed to see right into my soul. Her voice sounded of music. “He sees only with his eyes. He sees there is beauty, but it does not enter his soul. He sees life around him, but does not feel how amazing that life is. He takes no joy in killing, but he lacks love of the world. He will not do. I reject him.”

As she stepped back, the figure in heavy black plate took her place, and studied me in his way. While her inspection had lightly touched my mind, his slammed into me and probed deeply. In seconds I felt as if I had been interrogated, and I could feel sweat forming along my spine. When he spoke, it sounded like an executioner’s axe falling. “He sets limits on himself. He will refuse to take the steps needed to cleanse the world of evil. Evil must be slaughtered, regardless of how much its blood would splatter him. He is weak. He is useless to me.” He turned and walked away.

The last figure stepped forward. His polished armor shone in the darkness. His helmet covered only the back and sides of his head, leaving his face exposed. As he looked at me, I felt as if my thoughts and past actions were being held up for inspection one at a time. His mouth twitched during the process, passing from a slight smile to what could have been a frown. He even chuckled once. “You do not see the law as sacred. That could lead to trouble. But you strive for wisdom and to better yourself. And you hope to lead others down that path. Even the rat men. It will not be easy for you. But with strength and faith in good you may succeed. Do you take the Oath of Devotion?”

“I swear to follow the path of Devotion.”

All three figures drew their weapons and held them over me. They faded into darkness. I slept.



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