City of the Giants

After the rat leader.

(Hey guys, help me here. At least help with the names)

I am not quite sure what was driving us, but I pleases me that the leader of the rat folk is now dead. I am sure of that because his head is sitting across the room watching me write this. I hope that the rat folk take the hint and leave the city and go back to their homes and defend their families. I must see if Razor Claw (the fellow I have been talking to in the tavern) can be talked into trying to lead them in that direction.

What happened was that we hired 2 rat men to help us explore the city’s sewers. At least that is what I thought we were doing. We used the escape tunnel to enter the city and after sneaking around a gargoyle we entered the sewers. The rat guides lead us to a guard post. We flashed a badge, talked loudly, and claimed we were doing in inspection. We got past the guards and also got past the next checkpoint. I felt at this point, since were in a sense surrounded, it was better to go forward and see if we could challenge the rat leader to a leadership duel. So we ended up in a rat folk warren, face to face with the leader. I pushed him into fighting. I still hurt.

This may have been the best thing we could have done. The rat folk were not prepared for us. Unarmored and carrying only daggers. While I did what I could to take down the leader, the rest of our group fought off those who tried to stop us. Most were so confused by this turn of events, that we were not strongly attacked. My the gods forgive me, but the rate leader took me down.

When I woke the leader was running back into his rooms and our monk was down. While the other paladin gave chase, I got the monk at least back on his feet, and we all went after the leader. The other paladin (I must start remembering names) used her Compelled Duel in a very timely manner and keep the leader, who was faster then we were, from escaping. His lieutenants, who were not armored but better armed, also joined the battle. The leader has this odd two-bow crossbow that he was using to shoot poison arrows into us. We managed to take down some his rats, but those arrows were taking us down also. I do not remember what exactly happened,, but I was taken down again.

The warlock managed to wake me, but I had the odd taste of a topical ointment in my mouth. At least he did not poison me. The rats were all down, and so were all of us except for the warlock. I don’t know how we won, but we did. If we were not so battered I would have tried to lead the rats out of the warrens to totally remove their threat to the Queen’s army, but the risk was too great. We grabbed everything we could, including the leader’s head and war banner, and got out of there with the leader’s rat steed (a stunning ugly animal).

We will see if this adventure causes some of the enemy from the field (to help take some pressure from the Queen’s army), or gets us all killed by an attack on out town. Since I refused to mask myself during the battle, I may have to hide now to keep from attracting too much attention. It may be too late for that now, but I felt that letting the rats know who help killed their leader may help is keep them at bay.



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