City of the Giants

Today's adventure

Found a way in an army may be able to use

The tunnel talked about by the old folk has been found. It appears to be an escape tunnel that exited into the woods and started inside the city wall between the south towers 3 and 4. In the tunnel we found 3 sets of bones. One was a cave bear of a large size. With it was a giant size human skeleton with a bulls head and feet. We also found another huge human skeleton with a raven head and odd talons on it’s feet. There were also a number of crates that container giant knives, cloaks, and rotted food. We followed the tunnel into the city wall and then left before the night. We heard the weird screeching we hear another night while we quickly left the tunnel.

The next day we returned and the bones were in different positions. We found the bear bones in one of the crates. A spear that we moved was back in it’s original place. Our druid decided the bones should be moved out of the tunnel to see what happens. He lugged the bear bones into the wall. The path towards tower 3 had a big break in it to the outside of the wall. It then lead to steps going up and down. Up went to an opening on the wall between towers 3 and 4. Tower 3 looks intact, but the catapult on it looks badly worn and maybe damaged. The steps down lead to a room with giant bats nesting on the ceiling. We found a pump that seemed to have something with flooding the escape tunnel, but we are not sure of how it works.

The path to the right from the escape tunnel lead the the bottom of tower 4. There was a large swarm of spiders that hurt 2 of us, but we escaped to the escape tunnel. Our mad druid cask some kind of very loud attack spell on our way out, waking the bats. After resting and healing for a bit, we went back into the wall and found that the bats scared the spiders. We released the few webbed bats we found. Going further, we found the base of tower 4 and found the steps going up were broken. This is the tower we called the dragon tower. We could hear a lot of bird like noises up there. We found old webs on the steps going down. We felt that the large head spider went down there. We rigged up a fire to go down the steps. We killed the momma spider as it tried to escape, but the fire caused more smoke than expected so we went back to the escape tunnel. The druid, in some kind of vine-man form lead ravens from the top of the tower away from the escape tunnel. He then turned into a swarm of rats, yea rats, and came at us under the door. We almost attacked him.

After all this we went back to down to let things calm down. We heard rumors that the big wizard even noticed the event.



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