Campaign Timeline

All dates use the Aurelian Calendar, which counts the years Post-Imperium. In the year 1 PI, the Solanacean Empire was founded by the Emperor Aurelius.

458 PI: Montrose Havell is born to Prince Aginot IV of Iridia.
468 PI: King Aginot IV ascends the throne of Iridia. Minor succession crisis.
481 PI: Prince Montrose Havell marries Dame Elayne Sauvage.
483 PI: The Warlock Lord first makes his demands known to King Aginot IV of Iridia. He is flogged for blasphemy, and burns down a portion of the city in his escape.
488 PI: The Warlock Lord leads the first invasion of the beastmen, using the monstrous bird Garuda as a siege weapon to assault fortress after fortress. With the help of his court wizard, King Aginot slays Garuda, and three of the king’s seven sons fall in battle.
490 PI: After two brutal years of war, famine, and attacks by giant monsters, Iridian forces under the command of the king and his four sons rally to drive the invaders back to the wastes of Anwin. Aginot establishes the North Watch against further aggression.
491 PI: The first of the Warlock Lord’s evil apprentices, Dreamflayer, appears seemingly from nowhere, leading a horde of beastmen. The remainder of the original Thirteen appear one by one over the next five or six years.
492 PI: Leonora Havell is born to the Princess Elayne.
493 PI: The Thirteen begin raiding Kalendra and Solanacea as well as Iridia. Kalendra and Iridia begin assembling a coalition against the Warlock Lord’s armies. The Warlock Lord vanishes into the City of the Giants and has not been seen since.
494 PI: King Aginot is slain in a duel with the Weeper. Of the king’s sons, only the youngest survives, so Montrose VI inherits the crown.
496 PI: The Empty Man drives the Solanaceans out of Mayfair.
497 PI: Seeking the chance to build themselves a real homeland, Iridian halflings colonize the ruins of Mayfair Province.
501 PI: Assassination attempt by an expert team of Kalendran dragonslayers results in Coil being held down, and decapitated. His severed head, still alive, breathes fire on his would-be killers and the assassination fails.
503 PI: Fleshreaver, one of the original Thirteen, is stripped of his power and slain by a Solanacean death priest who discovered his true name in the Empire’s extensive archives of genealogy. He is the only one of the Thirteen that anyone has ever managed to permanently slay.
504 PI: An enormous manticore makes it past the Iridian border forts. King Montrose and his court bard kill it in the capital in a mighty duel on the palace roof. During the chaos, two of the king’s three sons are mysteriously assassinated by unknown means.
505 PI: King Montrose reforms the Eyes of Iridia to prevent future catastrophes.
507 PI: Internal rivalries between the Thirteen nearly allow the Legions to capture Stormbinder, but she is carried off by a flock of great crows before they can reach her.
509 PI: Edric Mordayne, King of Kalendra, falls in battle when the Broken Man rips the heart out of his chest. His eldest son Sir Uther ascends his throne.
511 PI: Rockbiter is raised to the Thirteen to replace Fleshreaver. He is first spotted with raiding parties on the borders of the Forest of Veil.
513 PI: Maledict melts his way through the snowy mountain passes into Iridia with a beastman army for a surprise attack. Only a few days before he arrives, a mysterious cloaked woman warns the Northwatch that he is coming, and they ambush the invaders and cut off the attack.
514 PI: A freak late-season blizzard in the mountain passes cuts off Maledict’s retreat. His army is wiped out and he vanishes.

April 1st, 514 PI: Campaign start. Waypoint Tower is assaulted by an army of the Warlock Lord’s ratmen. The beacon tower was lit and the party fought a valiant defense, keeping the ratmen off the roof and saving many of their comrades from a looming massacre. Help arrived just as the ratmen were beginning to break, in the form of the King’s daughter Leonora, Lord Muirrick the court bard, and a column of knights. She revealed that her father and two brothers had been killed earlier that evening and she was now Queen. The party volunteered to lead a secret undercover mission to scout out the Warlock Lord’s defenses in his headquarters in the City of the Giants. Twenty volunteers from the tower joined them and they left the next day in hopes of using the confusion of the aftermath to slip past enemy lines.

April 15th, 514 PI: The present date. The party arrives at Hake’s Hold with their cart and guys.

Campaign Timeline

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