Headquarters' Objectives

This is a short list of goals from HQ that they think might be worthwhile to pursue. The final go-ahead on any of them is left to your party as the ranking officers on the scene.

Vital Objectives:

  • Go undercover to Hake’s Hold, and establish a forward base of operations there. (CHECK)
  • Try not to blow your cover.
  • Get a report back to headquarters in two weeks (April 29th) when they message you.

Important Objectives:

  • Find the best ways to get past the city walls, both for small groups and for a larger force.
  • Scout out the general situation in the city: Troop positions, commanders, armaments, diplomatic activity, anything you can learn.
  • Scout out the perimeter defenses of the city.
  • Find a way for Iridian troops to maneuver outside the city without worrying about being spotted by patrols.

Targets of Opportunity:

  • Kill or disable enemy troops.
  • Find out the plan for the next invasion of Iridia.
  • Find information on traitors in the Royal Court.
  • Sabotage enemy supplies, infrastructure, and communications.
  • Assassinate enemy commanders – especially the ones that are actually any good at it.
  • Copy or steal intelligence records from Maledict’s headquarters.
  • Find out what the five missing members of the Thirteen are up to (Silence, Nightcrawler, Shiver, the Howler, and Dreamflayer).
  • Find out what the Warlock Lord has been doing in the dungeon for so long.
  • Find out how the Warlock Lord is resurrecting his monsters, and if possible, how Iridia can stop him.

Headquarters' Objectives

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